- eighteen - perth -
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Anonymous asked: why no bare boob tomorrow??

Because I have greater self respect than that

Anonymous asked: bare boob for topless Tuesday?

Hahaha no way! Plus it’s Monday anyway

Anonymous asked: new one later?

Eh I don’t think it matters. New old, my body’s the same?

Anonymous asked: lets be honest though, you are gooooooooooooooorgeous, like goddamn youre beautiful and sexy all in one. the imagination is crap when you get to see people that look like you with our own 2 eyes. wow.

Oh wow hahaha thanks! :’))

Anonymous asked: that's only if you go nude

hahaha well im about to go to out so ill just recycle an old photo??

Anonymous asked: yeah we do!

hahah but then not much gets left to the imagination

Anonymous asked: Can you post an underwear or bikini pic?

no hahaha you dont wanna see that

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